Cubed mobility fleet and pressure washing service


Cubed Mobility Fleet and Pressure Washing Service

Cubed Mobility fleet and pressure washing service was founded in 2009 as a GPS and mobile office company but developed into other areas such as pressure washing and recently tire sales.

Since the beginning Cubed mobility has worked hard to think outside of the cube. Constantly learning new skills and buying new equipment to push our skill set as far as possible while taking the lessons learned and applying it in new ways. Every task we do has been customized to yield the best results and we are constantly working to make our process even better.

Our pressure washer’s trailers have been modified and built in house to be easy to work on in the field, while having the equipment inside of them to take on each job quickly. Each trailer has an on board generator to power lights at night and provide warmth on the coldest day. We have even put positive air shut offs on all of our diesel engines just in case a client needs us to go to an H2S site.

When we got into tires, we not only bough high quality tire machines, TPMS readers and balancers, we also worked hard to learn about the new rim designs being made by car manufactures and after market wheel makers. Which lead us to combine new wheel balancing technology with tools from the past to make sure each rim is balanced right the first time. Then because we had not spent enough time, we covered all parts that touch a clients rim with plastic to minimize any marks that can occur installing tires. Its these little details that make the difference for Cubed Mobility.

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