The Cubed Group was founded in 2009 as a GPS and mobile office company. But with our lust of helping customers and not knowing how to say “no” we have blossomed into the company you’re looking at today.

Since the beginning Cubed has worked hard to think outside of the cube. Constantly learning new skills and buying new equipment to push our skill set as far as possible while taking the lessons learned and applying it in new ways. Every task we do has been customized to yield the best results and we are constantly working to make our process even better.

Our pressure washer’s trailers have been modified and built in house to be easy to work on in the field, while having the equipment inside of them to take on each job quickly. Each trailer has an on board generator to power lights at night and provide warmth on the coldest day. We have even put positive air shut offs on all of our diesel engines just in case a client needs us to go to an H2S site.

When we got into tires, we not only bough high quality tire machines, TPMS readers and balancers, we also worked hard to learn about the new rim designs being made by car manufactures and after market wheel makers. Which lead us to combine new wheel balancing technology with tools from the past to make sure each rim is balanced right the first time. Then because we had not spent enough time, we covered all parts that touch a clients rim with plastic to minimize any marks that can occur installing tires. Its these little details that make the difference for Cubed.

Which then brings us to the latest development… Parts. Not only can we supply your company with shop supplies but also Body parts, Jobber parts, Performance parts as well as OEM parts from several major manufactures.

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Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts


Building and working on Vehicles for many years have helped Cubed develop strong relationships with lots of Automotive Parts suppliers.

We have found to do a job right you need access to the right parts. Some times those parts are right from the manufacture. It can insure a proper fit, and compatibility with the vehicle. Other times After market or Jobber parts fit the bill better. They can  offer improvements to the original part that makes them a better choice for certain repairs. Other times a jobber part is more cost effective and does not sacrifice reliability.

Because each job is difference, cubed has forged relationships with both aftermarket and several OEM’s to give you access to a wide assortment of parts and a fair price to keep your vehicle on the road.


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Some of The Parts Brands that we Carry




Cubed Performance

Cubed Performance got its start building up japanese cars like: civics, rx7’s, 240’s and Toyota Corollas (the AE86).  It began by installing stereos. Adding sub woofers, bigger amps, and upgraded power systems to handle the extra draw caused by the boom in the back. Then to  lowering springs and suspension upgrades to eventually pioneering engine swaps building, custom race cars for the street and motorbikes. Custom cars and going fast is in our blood.

Cubed Performance works with several distributors to give our clients access to a long list of performance parts, from hundreds of different manufactures.

-4×4 parts

– Create engines

– Diesel performance parts

– Drag racing parts

   – street racing parts

-High performance tires

-Turbos and Super Chargers


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Tire and Rim Sales

Cubed Mobility has built its company saying, “yes” so its only natural that we offered tire and rim sales.

There are a lot of places that can put tires on your fleet or personal work truck, Cubed mobility realizes that and strives to keep costs down through planning, low overhead and investing in many different tools to make sure your tires are installed on the rim right the first time. It has not been easy, but easy is not something we’re known for.

Then couple our need to do a job right the first time with a network of part suppliers both OEM and aftermarket performance, makes Cubed mobility a one stop shop to make your fleet look great, stay safe, and minimize down time.

And just in time for summer we have off road tires for quads and side by sides. So you can get back to work, or doing what you love faster, and with out waiting for a power sports shop to “get around to it”

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All brands of tires, winter packages, TPMS servicing, Flat repair and rim sales.

Some of The Tire and Rim Brands that we carry

(if a link is dead, there is a chance that the manufacture is an off brand for another company)



American Omni
Uniwell International
Hercules tires
Hercules tires
Kelly KS tires
LandSail tires
Sigmae tires
Tap Worldwide
Winter claw
Specialty tires
ProComp tires
Sonny tires
Starfire tires
Vredestein tires
Mark Ma Tires
Jetzone tire
Samson tires
Laufenn Logo (PRNewsFoto/Hankook Tire)
Laufenn Logo (PRNewsFoto/Hankook Tire)
Cross wind tires
Dean Tires
Dunlop Tires
Fierce tires
Delinte tires


Wanli Tire
JK Tyre
West Lake Tires
Pirelli Car and light truck and Motorcycle
Triangle Tire
Ironman Tires (Hercules tires)
Nitto Tires
Medalist tires
Unitoyal tires
Riekn Tires
Zenna tires
Nexen tire
farm King tires
Mickey Thompson tires and rims
Fuzion tires
Michelin tires
Kumho tyres
general tire
General tire
BF goodrich
BF Goodrich tires
Good year
Federal Tyres
Falken tires
Continetal tire
continetal tire
Eldorado tire
Dynacargo tires
Cooper tires
Centennial tires
Sumitomo tires
Mastercraft tires
Centara tires
Centara tires

Pressure washing


Cubed Mobility prides its self on commercial service.

Over the years Cubed Mobility has made sure we have the right tools and knowledge to meet our commercial clients needs.

When one of our clients needed us to start selling and repairing tires, we not only purchased a tire machine that would meet our clients needs, but would surpass them. Buying tire balancing tools and techniques to insure a trouble free installation ever time. This keeps our commercial client on the road with out problems.

When a client needed their fleet to be cleaned, we bought a pressure washer and trailer to keep our clients looking great. And when a client needed many different locations close to each other cleaned in a very small amount of time, Cubed Mobility fired up the welders and made a trailer that fit the needs of that one job.

When a client needed some Aluminum to be polished, we put on a dust mask grabbed different polishes, pastes and sandpapers to learned how to make aluminum part look like a mirror, quickly and easily.

When a client needed us to install a GPS tracking system, we did the research to make sure it could be installed with the care and attention needed to keep the unit working with zero down time.

Cubed Mobility did not even shy away from learning about simple hydraulic systems to help a client who needed their dump trailer and backhoe repaired.

And when a client wanted to buy parts to make his diesel truck go faster, Cubed Mobility used our connections to get the owner the right parts to make his truck as fast and awesome as he wanted.

No matter what the problem, Cubed Mobility has met the challenges and needs of our clients.

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Washing Services

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